Continuous innovation is possible with continuous delivery which is imperative for differentiated services in a competitive business landscape. ProtonCM DevOps services helps business enterprises to bring in efficiencies and meet delivery goals easily.

Meeting the ‘development-to-operations challenges’ with DevOps

The speed of business success is dependent on the ability to offer superior business services and continuous innovation of service features faster than the competition. However, the “development to operations” challenges listed below thwart enterprises from achieving the best outcomes. DevOps from Marlabs helps enterprises bring in efficiencies and meet delivery goals easily.

“Development to operations” challenges faced by enterprises:
  • - Complex pre-production/production build and run
  • - Inefficient and complex error prevention and diagnosis
  • - Siloed setup and narrow thinking
  • - Increase in the rate of change versus stability

DevOps consulting services

Company wide solutions

Our DevOps consulting services enables clients develop a roadmap that outlines their goals and timelines, and defines how to integrate DevOps automation into their environment. Continuous testing, integration and delivery is part of the DevOps framework of operations and executed by closely knit development-testing-operations teams. ProtonCM helps clients to embrace a DevOps model and achieve all of these objectives.